Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Soup Man Cometh

When I think of soup I oftentimes think of a red labeled silver can of saltiness that brought me back to Catholic school days . But today soup has now taken on new appeal, especially in Orange. Daily Soup on Central Avenue infuses fresh ingredients such as seafood, veggies, herbs and exotic spices to create a symphony of taste. You can choose from vegetarian soups such as Sassy Tomato to robust soups like Curry Chicken. Daily Soup not only offers a variety of delicious soups, but mouthwatering sandwiches too. Looking for something cool and refreshing? Try one of Daily Soup's low-fat frozen yogurt mix-ins. Choose from 30 different mix-ins that will have you craving for more. I tried the banana pudding mix-in and wanted to move into the store.

Anthony White, owner and soup master, pours his heart and soul into his food. The menu is fresh and exciting and keeps customers lined up at the doors. Stop in for a delicious family meal or treat yourself to a decadent treat. Come on, you know you deserve it!

Daily Soup

501 Central Ave

Valley Arts District

Orange, NJ

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